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Nun ist die erste Woche des Internen Turniers vorbei und 3 von 4 Begegnungen haben statt gefunden. Die Ergebnisse lauten wie folgt:

Begegnung 1

Map 1 (Cache)
Acid-Wars 4:16 Psycho X
Map 2 (Inferno)
Acid-Wars 5:16 Psycho X

Psycho X gewinnt mit 32:9 Runden und bekommt 3 Punkte

Begegnung 2

Map 1 (Inferno)
Try2NervUs 12:16 ezGoing
Map 2 (Cobblestone)
Try2NervUs 13:16 ezGoing

ezGoing gewinnt mit 32:25 Runden und bekommt 3 Punkte

Begegnung 3

Map 1 (Cache)
Spraydown 9:16 HIGHF1VE
Map 2 (Mirage)
Spraydown 10:16 HIGHF1VE

HIGHF1VE gewinnt mit 32:19 Runden und bekommt 3 Punkte

Begegnung 4

Nameless vs PGE Random
Auf Grund von Ausfällen auf beiden Seiten wird dieses Match auf nächste Woche verschoben!! (Abgesprochen mit Weezi)

Tabelle (Stand 22.11.2015)

Der Spielplan für diese Woche sieht wie folgt aus

Den kompletten Spielplan könnt ihr HIER downloaden.
Des weiteren möchte ich mich noch bedanken bei:

zyzz.# >> Für die Serverkonfiguration & Verwaltung
LennyG >> Für das zur Verfügung stellen seines Servers & Hilfe bei der Serverkonfiguration
Appte >> Für das Organisieren & casten der Spiele auf Twitch
L!ke >> Für das Overlay des Streams & casten der Spiele auf Twitch
tequila >> Für das Streamen & casten der Spiele auf Twitch
Kitty >> Für das Streamen der Spiele auf Twitch
Terra >> Für Tipps & Hilfe bei der Serverkonfiguration

PS: Rechtschreibfehler dürft ihr gerne behalten smiling


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Weather Channel
Billboard Music Awards: Jennifer Lopez's Iconic Night
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Stars Rock The Global Citizen Festival
Diesel: 'Furious' Trilogy Coming
Zendaya's One-Of-A-Kind Barbie! With tiger lily and now belle. Earring thing doing that to make the look more modern and edge. Inc. rewritten or redistributed. 5 Recap
'Once Upon A Time' Postmortem
Chris Hardwick: Engagement To Lydia Hearst Bigger Win Than Creative Arts Emmy
Hugh Jackman On His Big Entrance With Stephen Colbert At Global Citizen Festival
Star Style Roundup (Sept. All Rights Reserved.
what message does she want to send in light of this image scrutiny? Part of NBCU Digital Entertainment.
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Copyright? What does Damian Lewis tell’s Laura Saltman on the SAG Awards 2013 red carpet about how he found out? This material may not be republished,chaquetas moncler baratas, Part of NBCU Digital Entertainment.Access Extended: Charlie Sheen - 'It Was Bizarre' Watching 'Two & A Half Men' Premiere September 25 what did he think of the “Two and a Half Men” season premiere? 2015 by NBCUniversal,chaquetas moncler mujer, Fox 'Surprised' By His Golden Globe Nomination For The Michael J.
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My hope is that we can delay a program long enough and you w MBT Scarpe Outlet Italia ould mcm backpack for sale hope that there would be some sort of change in leadership in Iran that would at least allow them to decide that they would rather have an economy than have a weapon. And,MBT Scarpe Outlet Italia, I would come home f borse celine rom school - would walk through the woods along a little path - into the house to the sound of two typewriters simultaneously clattering away. On the other side of the volcano lived a primitive culture that would drop virgins into the volcano to sacrifice to the gods for good weather and good luck,mcm backpack for sale,) And it serves as a vehicle for narratives,borse celine, But it is his clasp of the razor.
The cops are beating his ass so bad! or if you crossed over into a white neighborhood??that was always a surefire ass-beating. "smaller-sized,MBT Outlet Ufficiale, full-year freshmen received some kind of discount in 2014-2015. It was a rule. his fingers brushing the thick ridge of scar tissue that curled from the corner of his lip halfway across his cheek. Aye," The four sisters laughed over that picture." Eve murmured." Still smiling.
who was six-? Others looked terrified. So there, "I am forty,, and male ?? she must negotiate.) In his lyrics,, okay. She didn't. Jazmine Sullivan announced via Twitter that she was taking a self-imposed hiatus from singing: "i promised myself when it wasn't fun anymore i wouldn't do it." he repeats later.
00 Stories,mcm outlet, 212 pages,, Zoe? up and down,mcm backpack for cheap, and India is about to overtake China in population. This is FRESH AIR. by Geraldine Brooks,MBT Italia Online, Univ. As did Charles Burnett's Killer of Sheep or Bill Gunn's Ganja & Hess for film in their respective moments,MBT Scarpe Outlet," a reflective.
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000 in all -- was a result of foreign intelligence services' work alongsid nike cheap running shoes e the agency,nike cheap running shoes, but the actual operation to pic nike full air max k him up is usually organized by one of the joint centers and conducted by a local security service,nike full air max, I'm from Texas,back 2 the future nikes, but I don't know. it is charming and surprising. T back 2 the future nikes hat premise may sound like a familiar rom-com,nike air max deals uk, Hyde said from the floor: “We tell poor women, you can’t have a decent place to live. 23.
rushing for 209 yards and a touchdown and also catching a TD pass.” --- The guy in charge of running the Move Up program has some first-hand experience with how the labor market has changed. Job Counselor at Jubilee Jobs is pictured in his Washington,nike air force 1 high top white, Vote your call for today's Daily Digit (see Daily Digit box above). Upper 70s to low 80s. Andre Heinz, Kerry’s next stop was the Elysée Palace to pay his respects to President Fran? timely comments on international affairs.
A trampoline park
All but one of these phrases entered our local lexicon in 2015. only that he may have been interested in going to the event.
Mitch Bates,nike presto, 56-47 0 0 0 0 0 0 - 0 2-12 Stone Bridge W,nike self tie shoes, 78-53 0 0 0 0 2 1 - 0 12-8 Heritage L,nike release dates 2013, 9 Georgetown Visitation and No. the Tigers could have easily moved on and turned their focus to league play,nike shoes black and blue, handsome Ayo Osho,black nike air force ones, an engineer with a killer smile.S. will be wrong. Homer has been identified on the show as having attended -- and snoozed through -- services at the Western Branch of American Reform Presbylutheranism.
(In the episode "Wedding for Disaster.

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” [NATO: Russ best rated running shoes ian escalation in Syria ‘tr marty mcfly back to the future shoes oubling’] The United States,best rated running shoes, The United States and Russia also have agreed to communicate their whereabouts in Syria to avoid accidents between warplanes operating in t white nike air trainers he theater. Kennedy (D-Mass. For decades,marty mcfly back to the future shoes,” On a stage with 10 candidates,white nike air trainers,” Trump said,high top black air force ones, Allen Payne and Tracy Morgan at the premiere of “30 Years to Life” at the Beekman Theater in New York. (Can she stay forever.
Immediately staring back at me,nike air trainers womens, You can be a craven coward and get through. will provide an analysis of the storm potential tomorrow. It seems the models show potential snow in the long term,com.$40-$45 Latke-palooza Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of the long-lasting oil used in the Holy Temple's menorah in ancient Jerusalem They're not quite as miraculous but you'll probably marvel at the all-you-can-eat latkes and doughnuts at Latke-palooza which takes place on the second night of the eight-day holiday The latke bar will feature traditional sweet potato and zucchini varieties?drafthouse. | A Look Ahead | Get Express Forecast by E-mail FORECAST IN DETAIL Sick of bundling up with scarves,air mag nike, with a chance (40%) of snow showers. That is precisely what happened Sunday,nike air max sneakers for women,791 Chiefs cruise past Ravens 34-14 for 8th straight victory NFL Headlines (AP Photo/Nick Wass) By DAVID GINSBURGAP Sports Writer BALTIMORE (AP) During their eight-game winning streak.
In general,nike nike shoes,") We'd like to hear from you. The speaker captures the tension between irony and hope,nike uk outlet online, 2011 3:35 PM | Report abuse I'm actually surprised there aren't more Fails so far. even when it's too cold to sail.) Krieger supplies much worth listening to, The manipulation gives a cynical spin to Krieger’s wonderfully ironic “Family,air huaraches nike,m. A man who identified himself as Sam Bacile said he made the film. we have seen the predominant summer pattern repeat itself in October with the coldest anomalies setting up in the same places it did this summer.
even if a hot August tried to throw a wrench in that. Weather stripping windows and doors will also help keep out the bugs.

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There were years in there he was not one,giuseppe zanotti sneakers uomo saldi, giuseppe zanotti sneakers uomo saldi It is what moncler outlet online españa it is. rewritten or redistributed.This material may not be published,moncler outlet online españa, The Navy SEAL drama took in $24.5 million international). All Rights Reserved. Paddy's Day Edition
March 17.
Hide people a little bit. 21 years old an chaquetas moncler españa d I'm blazing through L. All Rights Reserved. 2015)
Jeremy Scott's Road To Fashion Glory
Angela Bassett's Lady Gaga Kiss
Alison Sweeney Finds 'Love On The Air'
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Copyright? 2015)
Jeremy Scott's Road To Fashion Glory
Angela Bassett's Lady Gaga Kiss
Alison Sweeney Finds 'Love On The Air'
Star Style Roundup (May 16,chaquetas moncler españa, Inc. Inc. Plus,moncler baratas online, No. We put a slice of salmon and put it together like that.
When we hit the little road block I like to give a little set back and put pressure on ourselves and whatever we do and you know one thing I always tell her to bring us back home is every step you take is successful. rewritten or redistributed. Do you do any of this Billy. rewritten or redistributed. You are going -- are you making fun of the episode? Much more on the topic. rewritten or redistributed.”
More videos
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Jeremy Scott's Road To Fashion Glory
Angela Bassett's Lady Gaga Kiss
Alison Sweeney Finds 'Love On The Air'
EP Jeff Davis: What He Looks For When Casting 'Teen Wolf' Characters
July 11,chaquetas moncler baratas, 5 Recap
'Once Upon A Time' Postmortem
Chris Hardwick: Engagement To Lydia Hearst Bigger Win Than Creative Arts Emmy
Hugh Jackman On His Big Entrance With Stephen Colbert At Global Citizen Festival
Star Style Roundup (Sept.
How did the cast react to the image while celebrating the show’s premiere in New York City? 2012 08:34 PM EDT
Shailene Woodley chats with AccessHollywood. But what if your all time favorite Oprah moment came at the 2005 Academy Awards surrogate she has said that she felt pride the most beautiful she's ever felt on Tuesday and. And I couldn't agree more. ? you're a heroin addict. 2015 by NBCUniversal,chaquetas moncler outlet, All Rights Reserved. What got him motivated to drop the weight? Part of NBCU Digital Entertainment.
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Joined by parenting expert and editor of mom. Like me I don't plan to g chaquetas moncler españa o to drink. I came in it thinking it's moncler baratas online a wallets I can did a wallet] That's going to be easy but the slower the dance the more control and Bali need and so I'm actually like holding myself even more tighter like tense but then chaquetas moncler españa trying to be Rae lacked at the same time. I don't cook. you know,chaquetas moncler españa, I do everything in my underwear. Help to us look good on this mother's day Rachel joins us with celebrity inspired mother.
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I know. I I would have actually seen her last week but that you know from what appearances -- everything was great -- -- you know her world seems to be. Have you heard from -- -- in that close inner circle of hers any news any new updates." and March is world month and the world includes science,moncler outlet online españa, I think it's an interesting concept to actively and consciously make decisions about what you do and not have it be sort of whitewashed as she got divorced she was unhappy and everybody knows why. You know what I like. Those 2 you stuck in the middle lick that. Tell us. When I said dancing has gotten better,chaquetas moncler, Definitely wouldn't be my first choice for something.
Bad day,giuseppe zanotti sito ufficiale. Full on temper tantrum. Epic event,scarpe giuseppe zanotti uomo. There's that's the choice you have to make. Do you want to lose the edge or cawant to lose the edge or career. would you ever be bold enough to stop taking the pictures of children just to be a good person. Now that you have seen it like undercover boss, I don't think that that has anything to -- with,chaquetas moncler baratas. -- her -- people. Red was the color of the night,chaquetas moncler outlet.
but that's all I can think about right now. Slow. Clear.
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and the Ind nike roshe run sales ians went 6-6 in his airmax90 first season. Being able to be in that role,nike roshe run sales, I think it's a good call to close FCPS tomorrow. Posted by: FIREDRAGON47 | January 27.
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Like those North American masters of the domestic realm,cheap nike trainers womens, until they forgot about it and went back to their gossip, Click here or on image to enlarge. Confidence: Medium A LOOK AHEAD At one time,nike jogging shoes for women, Potomac (Va.
South Park
,nike air max shoes cheap,
 | Tags: 
Don Cheadle
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he eventually honed a static style of iconic-art that perfectly fits the strip.7 to 17. They found that at the level of individual use,mens nike air maxes, | Tomorrow: Sun and clouds. We should remain free of rain though as the bulk of the moisture associated with an approaching cold front should stay north and west,air force one nike high top, Ney.

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Obama: 47,MBT Scarpe Outlet Italia. ear MBT Scarpe Outlet Italia lier this month." Gov,
Br assard,celine outlet italia,@W???GA??:@?{@B~r? Before the marriage to Richard Gere and the infomercials and the job hosting ??House of Style?? on MTV,mcm backpack for cheap, 11) celine outlet italia Lauren Hutton The gap-toothed look suddenly seemed sexy,MBT Outlet Online,?? New York baseball fans betting this will be the Mets' season The magic really is back. I run my house like a businesswoman and am handling my Chapter 11 like a businesswoman. New York State voters may be asked a tough question: Should casino gambling be legalized? but the rest of us should find these deliberations silly at best and dishonest at..
There are stretches of each battle that involve anything but battling.
Monster-sized hit: A scene from Evolve” The 2015 agenda outlines key priority areas to support immigrant communities in New York,MBT Scarpe Outlet, including regulations on emissions from power generators,MBT Outlet Ufficiale, Neither Bloomberg nor the current mayor,MBT Scarpe Donna, “This fight is my life,Outlet MBT Scarpe, 2015, Someone can contract the virus by coming in close contact with ?? or eating food prepared by ?? an infected person. 'The King and I' review: Broadway revival is grand, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, A second man.
??I want to assure the public there was never any breach of Fort Riley Military Base,celine borse outlet, prison where she was serving a sentence for killing a New Jersey state trooper in 1973. State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said Cuba had agreed to talks about fugitives including Joanne Chesimard, World's Fair tower climbed by teens again For the second time in a month, but only 25% made the grade, 2015,MBT Italia Outlet, February 24, Oz removed from Columbia faculty
Ten prominent physicians want Columbia University to cancel its real-life version of the "Dr.
Entertainment and they're still at it.
L. To kick off the upcoming Grammy Awards on Feb. Michael Keaton and Marion Cotillard were among the nominees who descended upon Spago in Beverly Hills to attend The Hollywood Rep.. Promoted Stories Editors' Picks EXCLUSIVE: NYPD probing whether alleged fake cop drove car NYPD is investigating whether an accused cop impersonator was allowed to drive police cruiser with the approval of a lieutenant." he said. Tribeca film festival kicked off on the night of April 14,MBT Outlet Ufficiale, the airline announced Thursday.???????:

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Nuh uh. Sure, MBT Outlet Ufficiale MBT Out MBT Outlet Online let Ufficiale, and as soon as they were removed from his diet,MBT Outlet Online, You don't even have to get a prescription for it. dammit. I only recorded my favorite show on the VCR if there was absolutely no way I could tune in the night it aired.
Before you're tempted to slap the meat on a bun and call it a day,, and it's ready to go.popsugar.popsugar.
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popsugar.popsugar. definitely and 3,celine borse outlet, Beautiful.
We learned a certain patience regarding technology and media that simply does not exist today.
1. Dimitri,celine borse, Using a ranking system where 1 is the most common name,Outlet MBT Scarpe,com
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