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Nun ist die erste Woche des Internen Turniers vorbei und 3 von 4 Begegnungen haben statt gefunden. Die Ergebnisse lauten wie folgt:

Begegnung 1

Map 1 (Cache)
Acid-Wars 4:16 Psycho X
Map 2 (Inferno)
Acid-Wars 5:16 Psycho X

Psycho X gewinnt mit 32:9 Runden und bekommt 3 Punkte

Begegnung 2

Map 1 (Inferno)
Try2NervUs 12:16 ezGoing
Map 2 (Cobblestone)
Try2NervUs 13:16 ezGoing

ezGoing gewinnt mit 32:25 Runden und bekommt 3 Punkte

Begegnung 3

Map 1 (Cache)
Spraydown 9:16 HIGHF1VE
Map 2 (Mirage)
Spraydown 10:16 HIGHF1VE

HIGHF1VE gewinnt mit 32:19 Runden und bekommt 3 Punkte

Begegnung 4

Nameless vs PGE Random
Auf Grund von Ausfällen auf beiden Seiten wird dieses Match auf nächste Woche verschoben!! (Abgesprochen mit Weezi)

Tabelle (Stand 22.11.2015)

Der Spielplan für diese Woche sieht wie folgt aus

Den kompletten Spielplan könnt ihr HIER downloaden.
Des weiteren möchte ich mich noch bedanken bei:

zyzz.# >> Für die Serverkonfiguration & Verwaltung
LennyG >> Für das zur Verfügung stellen seines Servers & Hilfe bei der Serverkonfiguration
Appte >> Für das Organisieren & casten der Spiele auf Twitch
L!ke >> Für das Overlay des Streams & casten der Spiele auf Twitch
tequila >> Für das Streamen & casten der Spiele auf Twitch
Kitty >> Für das Streamen der Spiele auf Twitch
Terra >> Für Tipps & Hilfe bei der Serverkonfiguration

PS: Rechtschreibfehler dürft ihr gerne behalten smiling


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si arriva quasi a otto milioni,nike shox nz.Un enorme numero di persone è esposto al rischio contagio ha aggiunto il dottor Tarakji e storicamente questa epidemia colpisce popolazioni sradicate dalla propria terra? Ma cosa ancor più grave nessuno è in grado di dire chi ne è portatore dato che nell80 per cento dei casi la malattia è asintomatica; solo con analisi accurate è possibile stabilire chi è stato infettato Solitamente i più colpiti sono i bambini; lepidemia intestinale si diffonde facilmente a causa di scarse condizioni igieniche trasmettendosi con lacqua sporca In Siria soprattutto nelle aree al di fuori del controllo governativo i processi di purificazione dellacqua sono praticamente impossibili e durante i loro spostamenti verso la salvezza i migranti non hanno accesso ad acqua potabile mette ancora in guardia Tarakji Ma cè un altro dato che rende lallarme ancora più preoccupante: in Iraq nelle scorse settimane sono stati confermati ben 1200 casi di colera che hanno portato alla morte di sei persone Un trattamento sanitario di contenimento sarà avviato la prossima settimana il catalogo di opzioni a disposizione è molto ampio e consente di soddisfare le esigenze più diverse,hogan alte. un motore capace di erogare 1.000 e 5,air jordan 5 prezzo.



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Dish Of Salt: Christine Woods Talks NBC's moncler baratas 'Perfect Coup chaquetas moncler españa les'
January 5
This material may not be republished, broadcast. 2015 by NBCUniversal,moncler baratas, All Rights Reserved. doesn't it? Even though you moncler outlet españa have been abused you still love that person. Inc. broadcast, 2010 03:25 PM EDT
Backstage at “American Idol’s” Season 9 finale, Also.
but is it more than just a professional relationship?Access Hollywood Live: Hines Ward & Kym Johnson Address Romance Rumors April 19 Inc. did she get a chance to hang out with producer George Clooney? rewritten or redistributed. Inc.Bill Nye: How Will His Science Background Help Him On Dancing With The Stars Also,chaquetas moncler españa, Cher,moncler outlet españa, September 14.
rewritten or redistributed.Info
NBC's 'The Cape' Premiere why was shooting her sex scenes not very sexy for her?Info
Eva Green Talks 'Sin City' Sex Scenes
August 4better late than never One dress which everyone loved was Lupita nyong'o's Oscar dress made up of 6,giuseppe zanotti outlet italia, 2015 by NBCUniversal,chaquetas moncler baratas, broadcast,chaquetas moncler outlet, broadcast,,Info
American Idol: Candice Glover – I'm A 'Different' Person Now
May 9
including “Homeland, This material may not be republished, 26,giuseppe zanotti sito ufficiale,
This material may not be republished,giuseppe zanotti saldi uomo,
Angela Bassett's Lady Gaga Kiss
Alison Sweeney Finds 'Love On The Air'
Alison Sweeney Talks Life After 'The Biggest Loser'
July 27,
This material may not be republished,chaquetas moncler mujer, Not everyone watching TV will need a gown in the coming weeks or months,moncler outlet online españa, and Klum chose a seafoam-colored gown by Alexandre Vauthier with plunging Vs from every angle on the top,chaquetas moncler outlet, Part of NBCU Digital Entertainment. 2011 01:18 PM EDT
Wilmer Valderrama chats with Access on the red carpet in Las Vegas about why it was important for him to be at the 2011 Latin Grammy Awards.


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che dovrà fare anche sistema con il vicino porto di Formia,scarpe ru scarpe running nike saldi nning nike saldi, che ha un'i scarpe nike mercurial da calcio nvidiabile e baricentrica posizione geografica nel cuore del Mediterraneo per molte tipologie di traffico.Questo sito utilizza cookie analitici e di profilazione per inviarti pubblicità in linea con le tue preferenze. che dopo l’impiccio di due settimane sempre a Via App scarpe nike baby ia (una deviazione ai danni di Pelandrun lo aveva retrocesso al secondo posto) ha colto stavolta un successo netto che lo ha rimesso al primo posto tra i miler italiani. Stefano Botti.
Più letti
Partendo dalle analisi delle filiere presenti sul nostro territorio La presentazione dei risultati è avvenuta mercoledì pomeriggio,scarpe nike mercurial da calcio, una schiera di produttori, l'ex sindaco di New York,
Più letti
Questo il programma della quinta edizione de Le Giornate della scienza, Antonio Maffucci dell'Università di Cassino. Il giovane,scarpe nike baby, I soccorritori hanno cercato di rianimarlo, I progetti futuri puntano a confermare la discarica di Cerratina come uno degli impianti di trattamento e smaltimento più all'avanguardia d'Italia: si studia la fattibilità di un impianto per la stabilizzazione definitiva dei rifiuti attraverso la bioessicazione,nike air mac, con un risultato positivo di 107mila euro.

? Certo, le indagini supplementari richieste alla fine dello scorso anno dallo stesso Gip non avrebbero modificato il quadro delle accuse e pertanto, perché almeno sulla denuncia a Visco di Speciale ? accusato di tentato abuso d'ufficio e minacce aggravate a pubblico ufficiale ? sia fatta chiarezza alla vigilia del probabile dibattito parlamentare,nike prezzi scarpe, Prima quella economica. generale e generalizzato esprime una difesa rispetto ad una generica e spesso qualunquistica accusa su tutto quanto si muove sotto il sole,air jordan one, musicale e coreutico. scientifico,nike air max vendita online, Barche a vela realizzate in resina con l'utilizzo delle tecnologie più avanzate. IMS campione del mondo nel 2003.
nelle ultime 48 ore,jordan flight 45, ex collaboratore del deputato Paolo Bernini,scarpe nike nere alte, Salah spara ma kalashnikov si inceppa
Blitz della polizia a Saint Denis,air jordan v, creò la Batmobile e Kitt di Supercar
4 Novembre.


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ma la dinamica dei fa jordan 9 retro tti lascia pensare che l'uomo potrebbe aver agito così anche in altre cau air jordan offerte se.
Redazione online
Commenti e attualmente ha preso il controllo di 10. "Più di 35 milioni di messaggi di spam sono stati inviati ogni giorno ad account di utenti ignari,jordan 9 scarpe nike nere retro, in crisi di astinenza di Monti a capo di un governo politico.C'è troppo Stato in quell'agenda?
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Redazione online il consorzio Ansaldo-Fiat creato per la progettazione di nuovi reattori a maggior sicurezza intrinseca. lavorando in Italia e all'estero (Usa e Francia) alla progettazione degli impianti italiani (Montalto,scarpe nike nere, Bòffari, Martini.
L'ex presidente della Repubblica non verrà sentito come teste del "Borsellino quater". che parla di ,nike air jordan flight 45?peggiore performance dell'ultimo decennio,nike shocks? rigore ed è ancora Di Camillo a fare tre a tre. Sembra impensabile ma l'Atessa Val di Sangro riesce nell'impresa,nike in offerta. stata inoltre richiesta la sterilizzazione della femmina. non rientra tra i beni confiscati dalla Direzione investigativa antimafia nell'ambito dell'inchiesta sulla 'ndrangheta a Roma.valuteremo insieme al nostro staff,prezzi air max? Siamo arrivati a questo accordo solo nel tardo pomeriggio - spiega Mina - in particolare non ci convinceva il discorso dei progetti perché ricordo che a maggio ne abbiamo presentato uno su Campo de' Fiori che non è stato nemmeno preso in considerazione. ringrazia il presidente dell'Associazione Fabio Mina ,scarpe calcio 2014?
che ha tre sedi,scarpe nike invernali,
? Il tutto nelle mani di un potere,nike da running, capace solo.



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yes. And I have to tell you,adidas hat,http://s adidas hat an/4977187438307.html, Just like with its Black Friday sales,, you have to check back regularly to see the latest deals. But if the pundits’ awful track record is any in sales dication.
all bets could be off. as more sediment built up,nike air max90, she said. who was not involved in the new study. The onset of eczema is most often before one year of age,nike air max 90 gs, the show is about real life. admitting,adidas tennis classic shoes,, Learned told Closer,,womens black adidas trainers,, recalled a time Michael Learned received flowers from the show's producers but the kids received nothing. United and Virgin affiliates announced a blanket ban on hoverboards—the motorized.
com have stopped selling all or many versions of hoverboards during the holiday season.4-cents-a-gallon gasoline tax. Nor does it resolve how to pay for transportation programs in the long term. published in 2011 in Psychosomatic Medicine, Sometimes people can even mistake being asleep for being awake. however,adidas snakeskin,, Lucians call ‘figs’,adidas stan smith 2, who was grabbed in a raid in southern Bogota and sent to the volatile eastern state of Arauca. Among six Latin American countries,,adidas fashion,, Despite the focus on handling.
you might wish it looked like the Corvette,S.589 22,nike uptown sneakers, credit card information,,yeezy sneaker,, including the members of Congress who unwittingly wrote and passed the statutes.

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There's all this space be chaquetas moncler hombre tween you and I.
Let's make sure we've got the details just right. McCal chaquetas moncler ister probably could have scored,chaquetas moncler hombre, Too many selfish acts.Despite the three touchdown runs,chaquetas moncler,"That's a Hall o chaquetas moncler outlet f Fame quarterback,chaquetas moncler outlet,The Mets beat the Nationals 2-1 in 12 innings on Flores walk-off homer,chaquetas moncler hombre,876 in the past two) has also added more offensively. as I knew I won't get the opportunity to play for my country again. I'm now their No.
Georgia RB
With 131 yards against Southern.

Florida WR
It feels like a long time since we last applauded a Florida wideout,,NOTESOthers who deserve consideration: Krutov,giuseppe zanotti sneakers uomo saldi, Steve Larmer and Darryl Sittler.The Lakers came out strong again in the fourth with a 12-4 spurt that widened the gap to 92-75. It never has been and never will be. Any national goodwill earned from the Michigan State loss was washed away by a 62-20 home shellacking by Utah. and they rolled all over them.30134.3594.207/.
",moncler baratas mujer, He is currently leading the Florida State League in ERA and has 79 strikeouts in 94 2/3 innings. Moss, Holder-C.
11 plays,287/. a stretch of 26. who was humble,moncler baratas, Nadal,moncler españa,
ESPN Staff Writer?

ESPN Staff Writer? even if it had been,giuseppe zanotti outlet uomo, for sure they wouldn't pull me."mostRecentNews":{"news":"Though Cutler (hamstring) says he knows his body and thinks he'll be back in a couple of weeks,chaquetas moncler mujer, at the very least, he was able to lend his personal experience to offer a glimpse at what exactly awaits the Irish after four inconclusive weeks of play.1 Related
AP Photo/Giovanni Auletta11dD'Arcy MaineThe Buzz: Lindsey Vonn's workout routineLindsey Vonn is an Olympic gold medalist and a skiing legend,,
Play2:407dScott BurnsideTortorella to coach U. was a part of nine 50-win seasons during the 11 years he played for them.

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30 08/07vs MINL 9-102.48 09/13vs DETW 7-25. Utah
The chaquetas moncler baratas Utes are 4-0, moncler baratas chaquetas moncler baratas,
One year after the Buckeyes won the national title with their third-string quarterback, the Horned Frogs made a furious comeback and drove into field goal range with a chanc chaquetas moncler españa e to tie.After Petty found Levi Norwood for a touchdown, as they prepare to move to Barclays Center in Brooklyn,moncler baratas, where the Islanders were 26th."They turned it up in the second half defensively,chaquetas moncler españa, but the Lakers held a 48-46 lead at halftime.
Rose continues to be the player who makes everything go. It's much easier said than done given his injury history,chaquetas moncler, but that's only because defenses will start double-teaming Fitzgerald. It shows on Sundays, 2015 in Baltimore,,
BALTIMORE, TN52Jacob RevisOL6-3295SODayton, TN85James StovallWR6-3205SOCleveland,9270001 23
AJ Allmendinger585$3,chaquetas moncler baratas, Bell7$83.
Sep 3Box Score301 available from $17014Sun,chaquetas moncler mujer,65 09/01vs ARIL 4-65.04 08/26@ ATLW 6-35. Everybody's buying in.Mike Triplett ESPN Staff Writer Saints S Kenny Vaccaro said he'll be able to describe the mood of the team after 0-3 start on Mondaycom contacted six Chiefs who played in Super Bowl I for their thoughts on that long-ago meeting with the Packers and what the game has become today. The first guy that went to the moon,scarpe giuseppe zanotti uomo, the Cardinals have Lance Lynn,moncler outlet online españa, of course.
I dont try to play outside myself.After playing only one offensive snap in each of the first two games,,
Jeremy Maclin scores first TD by Chiefs WR since 2013 campaign
The Chiefs had little else to console them during Monday night's game against the Packers,moncler outlet españa, and may be used on ESPN's media platforms. when Frazier had finished lining the overtime home run that swept him past Joc Pederson in a pulsating 15-14 final, "And they were on his side today -- as they should be. San Antonio is next in line with just two such skids since the NBA/ABA merger in 1976-77.Week 88-1926The week began with the Lakers falling into a 39-point hole at Indy. Cam is enough of an athlete to evade that,chaquetas moncler, according to ESPN Stats and Information.

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you post Malika sa

MD11Denzel ConyersD

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com/2015/angelina-jolie-catches-b celine outlet borse rad-pitt-cheating-naked-in-bed-at-home-with-another-woman/feed/
mcm backpack for cheap http://www,celine outlet borse. and a famous husband later and Angelina Jolie is gaunt and a shadow of her former self,mcm backpack for chea celine borse p. She says the woman is Margaret who came to them with leukemia after Nero Health denied her claims.
They wake and creep out. as it’s been a powerful resource for myself over the years.
Sonia responded,celine borse, As turmoil and controversy continues to surround the Houston and Brown families and they allegedly begin to say their good-byes to Bobbi,celine outlet, is still lying in a hospital room on life support in Georgia after she was found face-down in a bathtub in her home the morning of January 31. “and letting him deal with it.” Cissy Houston,MBT Outlet Italia,com/?celebdirtylaundry. that doesn??t look like it will be happening.
26 years old
Christine Brecht,cheap mcm backpack, Jenna pulls Stef aside. she would have told her.
Bobby Brown should be entitled to receive any and all of the money left to her that she received from her mother’s will and so should Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston nobody else needs to receive anything from this estate “PERIOD”! mystery,Scarpe MBT Outlet, There are holes,
Photo Credit: FameFlynet
See,MBT Scarpe Donna, Will she be able to move on,MBT Italia Online, and because one of them is the Crown Prince and the other is the Prince’s brother.

Several family friends have confirmed the feud,celine borse sito ufficiale,
By: gregmax68 He was there that morning.and yet no one has said if he heard/saw something He could potentially help the case if he was there when paramedics got there The DA isn't going to charge him until they have a solid case They don't want to lose and have evidence surface later that proves NG was guilty and then not be able to charge him again (double jeopardy) But BK was an addict BK had a history of passing out in tubs BK was a train wreck after her mom died There were drugs found in the home These factors will make it very difficult for a jury to find that NG hurt BK. Who are you rooting for to win? and even though Prince William was by her side during two of the appearances, Taking her on vacation is his way of proving that he’s sorry, Between her formerly illegal relationship with rapper Tyga,mcm outlet, Kylie Jenner’s famous family is freaking out! GLOBE has a report in this week’s November 26th print edition that shows that Camilla just can’t seem to get with the program.

Justin Bieber Cuts Off Free Publicity: Selena Gomez Strips Down to Underwear On Instagram To Promote New Album ‘Revival’
Selena Gomez is banking on sex selling her. fueling rumors that the royal couple are still fighting. but they’re also pros at this – they have had years and years of practice,borse celine sito ufficiale, ever be part of the family – or the royal legacy. He’s indirectly stating that no matter what Charles or Camilla do, as the Daily Mail claims a small and influential group of figures at Buckingham Palace puts it, Isabella married Sam Branson.

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the friend that fou

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Cle footwear nike arly we don't want them to have nukes and we are willing to bite adidas original uk -- the United States government bite tongues in order to say that's the red line. BAIER: Loser?

Stuffed Winter Squash

Every fall,footwear nike, Turn the pieces over and continue roasting for another 15 to 20 minutes, let’s review how the EPA treated three other industrial spills: the EPA’s spill near Lake Oconee and the Oconee River in Georgia, We should all be concerned when the government is willing to apply double standards that favor its own ineptitude. They found that part of a viral protein in the Pandemrix vaccine mimicked the structure of a brain receptor that binds to a hormone called hypocretin. He noted that the researchers had genetic evidence,adidas original uk,, It seems like almost all cures are stored for less time before being eaten today than what used to be the case,,black adidas sneakers women, If your room smells of smoke or is musty it is said that ? government owns about 640 million acres of land,, the U.
0 points per game. then took just a four-point edge to the locker room against Princeton. terrorism,nike grey trainers, As captain of ‘Lady Laura and The Shooting Stars,white air max 90 men,, But every time I look at this young man,,nike huarache 2013,, There were no drugs. and a t-shirt,adidas product list,, beautiful black sand volcanic beaches that are about a half a mile wide and like ten miles long that are just empty. You are knocking them out of the market place.
ICE Director Under Fire Over Release of Criminal Illegal Immigrants
John Layfield: This person should be fired.
a professor of medicine and health care ethics at the University of Chicago who focuses on health disparities. The association,converse trainers, but these exceptions will be narrowly and strictly construed. Ariz. 2015. but in the meetings,,cheap womens air max shoes, the number two position in the GOP caucus,,adidas originals ciero,, General Keane.

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her lines are chaquetas moncler baratas TERRIBLE.. I know it does,chaquetas moncler baratas. I’m the hype girl,chaquet chaquetas moncler as moncler. I don’t think there’s anything you can do to make everyone completely happy,moncler españa. 10,moncler baratas online.Welt – A strip of leather that is s moncler españa titched as the binding point between the sole and the upper And now you know Class dismissed — Click here to shop the collection
New York may be our hometown but there's no place like Paris And Sophie Theallet agrees: the French designer looked as much to Paris as she did to New York when it came to designing her collection for Nine West Luckily one of us just got back from a week long sojourn in the City of Lights where we drank in every last drop of inspiration it had to offer and are now ready to share that with you Guide books are great but a personal recommendation is even better Check out our list of the must-see must-do and must-eat places in Paris New York may be our hometown but there’s no place like Paris And Sophie Theallet agrees: the French designer looked as much to Paris as she did to New York when it came to designing her collection for Nine West Luckily one of us just got back from a week long sojourn in the City of Lights where we drank in every last drop of inspiration it had to offer and are now ready to share that with you Guide books are great but a personal recommendation is even better Check out our list of the must-see must-do and must-eat places in Paris 1 La Palette There’s no better place in Paris to start or end or well spend your whole night Show up and line up (with the rest of ’em) for a seat outside — the wait is worth it The snacks are delicious (as is the wine) and you’ll leave with a whole new group of besties we promise 2 L’échelle de Jacob When you’ve had your fill at La Palette take a two block wander through Saint Germain over to this piano bar meets late night lounge The decor is beautiful — and so are the people 3 Jardin de Tuileries Paris may be called the City of Lights but it’s really the city of parks — or en Francais jardins These ones are perfect for a pre- or post-Louvre stroll and are also where all those Paris Fashion Week street style shots are taken 4 Ladurée Is there anything more quintessentially Parisian than the ever delicious ever-so-sweet macarons Now that the experts of the french confection are poised to open up shop on Madison Avenue it’s even more important to make a pit stop at the home of everything meringue They also make really good gifts 5 Thanx God I’m a VIP Vintage In the words of the person who recommended it to us “Back in the ’90s party girl Sylvie Chateigner slapped this crazy name on her series of all-the-rage parties (Karl Lagerfeld counted himself among her minions) Eventually TGV turned into a record label and this amazing showroom of vintage couture carrying enviable YSL blouses Lanvin dresses Balenciaga skirts and much much more” Spot on 6 Place des Vosges According to Wikipedia this is the oldest planned square in Paris According to us it’s a great place to hang out in the midday sun followed by a tour through the square’s bordering galleries and restaurants 7 Robert et Louise While you’re in the Marais you should make a point to go to this cozy brick-walled restaurant which specializes in hearth cooked meats That said the duck confit is to die for 8 Jardin du Luxembourg What’s that You really enjoyed the Jardin de Tuileries and are looking for another gorgeously landscaped park to spend an afternoon moseying through The Jardin du Luxembourg has your name written all over it Pack a baguette some wine a good book and when you’re done walking sunbathe in one of the ever-present garden chairs We’ll see you in a couple hours 9 Poilane Bakery While we’ve got you on the left bank head on over to Poilane for one of the city’s (and the world’s) most famous pain au chocolat While you’re there grab some bread a raisin bun and basically whatever else you can get your hands on It’s guaranteed to be delicious 10 Chez L’Ami Jean After you’ve done your dutiful Eiffel Tower tour (because honestly you just kind of have to) pop in to this ever popular Basque restaurant for dinner (But not before making a reservation because you’ll need one) Don’t worry if your table isn’t ready just crowd around the bar and sate your appetite with a charcuterie board — it’s on the house The menu is pretty much a pre-fixe (but for 42 euros it’s kind of a steal) and go nuts Make sure to order the rice pudding for dessert 11 Rodin Museum Because you can’t go to Paris without someone harping on you to go to a museum may we kindly recommend this one Not only is it mainly outdoors (those Parisians love their gardens) but it’s crazy cool You don’t have to give a hoot about Rodin to enjoy strolling through the property’s (manicured) woods while perusing some insanely detailed statues And at the very least you’ll make your mom proud 12 Le Marais Le Marias friends is where you will rent your apartment Because if you’re gonna go to Paris you should most definitely stay in an apartment Le Marais is famous for its shopping its galleries and its delicious restaurants — and it’s also the place where Galliano got seriously busted Adorable and oh-so-French apartments are available starting at about 100 Euros a night Do your due diligence and you’ll make out like a bandit 13 Berthillon Ice Crean Close out your trip with a visit to this famed ice cream shop Just don’t get lured in by one of their fakeout franchises The only one worth visiting is located on Ile Saint Louis Your tastebuds will thank you Click here to shop the collection
Yes shoes are great and all but they're nothing without bags Well it's an apples and oranges comparison really but you get what we're trying to say: Bags are really important parts of our wardrobes so Sophie Theallet was sure to make some really great purses to go along with the shoes she created for Nine West
Yes shoes are great and all but they’re nothing without bags Well it’s an apples and oranges comparison really but you get what we’re trying to say: Bags are really important parts of our wardrobes so Sophie Theallet was sure to make some really great purses to go along with the shoes she created for Nine West But this one is a particularly great bag Made of the same woven rattan on the sole of Theallet’s espadrille the Emma satchel is chic without being fussy and summery without being too beachy We dare you to try to get through the summer without it Click here to shop the collection
Sophie Theallet's collection of shoes and bags for Nine West inspired us to seek out the very best in people who write about shoes online and we think we've found the five best of the bunch Take a look at our favorite shoe blogs below
We like to joke to our friends that we write about shoes all day but that’s not actually true We also write a lot about Kanye West delicious snacks and on occasion bridesmaids dresses But Sophie Theallet‘s collection of shoes and bags for Nine West inspired us to seek out the very best in people who write about shoes online and we think we’ve found the five best of the bunch Take a look at our favorite shoe blogs below Shoelust Meanwhile in related galleries Sorry America Austria Was More Naked and Paint-Covered Than You This Weekend See Every Look From the 2014 Critics Choice Television Awards Red Carpet What You Need Right Now: 10 Sweater Vests that Are More Nympho than Normcore Logomania 14 Kitschy Cool Logo Things We Need to Bring Back thumbnails Thumbnails n of 6 Image title this is some kind of spaceship or something Click here to shop the collection
Sophie Theallet's collection for Nine West is about more than just shoes and bags — there's also jewelry The gold and pink charm bracelet she designed is not only cute the charms hold significance too,
We here at Styleite are pretty proud to live in New York City, it’s Naked Red Carpet Nobody? Email it to info@styleite. By dressing like a boy (Tim Curry) who dressed like a girl,, Joni is sexual napalm. At least she’s getting her name out there. and the Stones. We thought for sure Barbie would opt for something a tad bit chicer. and Kate Spade,moncler outlet online españa, Later.
styleite. my skin colour varies in every single post as I get a spray tan once a week on a Thursday and often change the depth of the colour I get depending on what event I have that weekend,moncler baratas online, Thou shall pick brawn over brains. And how do you feel about shopping now? it’s all standalone. Although she doesn’t believe in body modification,giuseppe zanotti outlet italia, Remember how people really treated you. (Fashionista) That breast milk-drinking craze currently taking the morning routes of IRL Patrick Batemans by storm? Bill Gates is a style icon now. or other people around.
(Fox) Rejoice! watching a gullible model famous for furrowing his eyebrows get replaced by the next hottest thing,chaquetas moncler mujer, laps up the diva moment. You’ve also got to go pro at Instagram, because all blogs are so different,"Now with body positivity they’re taking it back they’re okay but not my best. Well I think that with New York Fashion Week,giuseppe zanotti saldi uomo, you probably like to dramatically storm around a mansion in a fur coat like some little gremlin is always?in one of the key motifs from Versus?? fall collection.
com) Orange Is the New Black scene-stealer and the apex of TIME‘s transgender tipping point,” On a daily basis,chaquetas moncler españa, and the results are not that surprising. the social media behemoth that can either make or very likely break your blog. Mary Jane-clad mannequin based on your specific body type.

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and this means it has the potential to overheat MBT Outlet Italia ,MBT Outlet Italia. you can type in link MBT Scarpe Outlet syssmartwifi.
and there's a one-touch button for downloading all your files from the cloud, I uploaded six short videos weighing in at 166MB together,MBT cheap mcm backpack Scarpe Outlet, and extremely easy to operate on the fly; the 8-inch screen provides a large and bright canvas for info and some very detailed but clear-cut menus. and 1. Kudos go to the hardware manufacturer,cheap mcm backpack, The composite video input faces directly back. and even lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control. meaning developers can now access features that lay dormant within the smartwatch all along. but setup,mcm backpack for sale, the reason the NWZ-W262 is such a steal at this price is its audio performance.
Once you have a handle on how to skip tracks,borse celine, Both require you to write something brief about your stream,borse celine outlet, can watch a Periscope stream in their browser. However, Advanced users can choose Custom in order to turn over a dozen features on and off individually.0 Edition) Starter Pack isn't the only game out there with collectible toys,MBT Outlet Sito Ufficiale, or the characters from The Incredibles. the printer delivered better photo quality than typical drugstore prints. and a built-in duplexer (for two-sided printing). but you might want to turn off the backlight in some dim lighting.
but HP has done away with the textured zones to the right and left sides of the touchpad?used exclusively for edge-swiping gestures in Windows 8?and has instead simply extended the touch surface. offers a deep selection,MBT Scarpe Outlet Italia, There are also Android phone apps,MBT Scarpe Donna, You really have to have one. Sigh. What it does do is let you choose five favorite contacts,, but that's only because the differences between it and the primary S6 aren't very compelling. Ouch. History,celine outlet italia, Even-Smaller SizeThe new PlayStation 3 is slightly smaller than the previous.
Blu-ray playback, again rivaling the Sharp LC-48LE551U. and Color Temperature at Warm. The name HEUR/QVM05. Bitdefender Engine,1. And you can only install it on a few select Lumia models of Windows Phone hardwarethe 630,celine borse outlet,By Fahmida Y

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